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Press Release Writing and Distribution


Press Release Distribution: Broaden Your Reach Effortlessly

Designed for diverse clients from Corporates to PR Agencies, our service ensures your press release gains maximum exposure.

Exclusive Features:

  • Proprietary Media Room
  • Extensive network coverage on 50+ news sites, including high-profile channels.
  • Specialized services including SEO optimization and Google syndication.
  • Enhancements with visual and multimedia elements for greater impact.


Extensive Press Release Distribution on 50+ Premium News Sites

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed Inclusion: Your press release will be featured on over 50 news sites, including major outlets like CBS/FOX [Affiliated Sites], TV Stations, and Digital Journal.
  • Google Syndication: Benefit from Google News inclusion and a comprehensive white label PDF distribution report.
  • SEO Optimization: Press releases are crafted to achieve high rankings in major search engines, with up to 4 links included to boost your website’s authority.
  • Diverse Media Coverage: Publication across a variety of platforms, including news, TV, radio, newspapers, and niche sites.
Featured News Media
Be featured on high Authority news websites


Premium Press Release Distribution Package – $250

This comprehensive package includes:

  • Extensive Distribution: Your press release will be distributed across more than 50 prominent news sites.
  • Proprietary sourcing feature for generating E-E-A-T signals
  • We setup your own media room
  • Quickly and easily create 100’s of DoFollow links and ranking signals
  • Keyword Research: Expert keyword analysis to maximize the impact and reach of your press release.
  • Google Map API integrations and signaling technology (even for SABs)
  • Press Release Writing and Formatting: Professional crafting and formatting of your press release to ensure high engagement and readability.
  • Submission Service: Seamless submission process to ensure your press release reaches the intended news outlets and audiences.
  • Attach images and include YouTube videos in your press release for enhanced engagement.
  • Include keywords for improved online visibility and indexing by search engines.
  • Free Indexing: Avail of our premium indexer service at no extra cost.
  • Reseller Perks: Free white label and customizable reports.

Note: A draft of your press release will be sent for approval before distribution.

Contact us for a sample distribution report.

What We Do Not Distribute

There are certain types of content that we do not distribute in order to maintain the integrity and professional standards of our service. It is important to review these guidelines carefully to ensure your press release complies.

No Spam

We prohibit the use of spam phrases in press releases. Avoid common advertising phrases like “Click here” or “Great business opportunity”. Excessive use of exclamation marks and capitalized words intended for promotion are not allowed.

No Content Intending Harm

Content that aims to harm the reputation of individuals, groups, or companies is not acceptable. This includes content that incites hatred, promotes bigotry, racism, or unjustified violence. We strictly forbid hate speech, regardless of the target.

Prohibited Content Categories

The following types of content are not allowed for distribution:

  • Allegations of illegal or unethical behavior against another party.
  • Claims of breach of contract, litigation threats, or false/misleading information about any party.
  • Marijuana/cannabis-related content.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions, ICOs, and trading (except for blockchain technology content).
  • Political content.
  • Explosives, guns, weapons, alcohol, illicit drugs, tobacco.
  • Cosmetic procedures, body modification, adult content, sexual reproductive topics.
  • Parental advisory/explicit content in music videos/audios, podcasts.
  • Pseudo-religious articles and objects (charms, magic, etc).
  • Obscene, vulgar, or abusive language.
  • Adult/nudity, betting/gambling, buying social media likes/followers/views.
  • HopLinks, affiliate marketing, get-rich quick schemes, unproven medical alternatives.
  • Links flagged as malware, payday loans, bail bonds, derogatory statements about companies.
  • Content related to erectile dysfunction, breast enhancement, phone unlocking.

For a detailed understanding of our distribution guidelines, please visit our Editorial Guidelines page.